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I make collages by creating the image-objects in between the two- and three-dimensional space.  


Based on the corpus of every day, I de- and re-contextualize the found information about the motions through various information transmission modes: manipulating digital inkjet printing, superimposing the moving images via multiple display devices, extending one screen across multiple monitors, mapping projection, interactive visual programming.  Then I cast these visual outputs onto different material supports: printable flat surface, web browser, LCD screens, man-made objects, customized kinetic structure, site-specific space. 


Dragging the three-dimensional objects slightly back to flatness, throwing virtual visualization into physical space by creating the depth of the image, my image-objects suspending between flat experience and dimensionality, aim to interconnect the physical object and the virtual image


The images are inseparably matched with specific mediums rather than solely being displayed and waiting for the beholders, or merely represent the subject on their own. While rediscovering the character of the medium, which is often ignored by people due to the appeal of the content, I try to question the pre-existing relationship between the content and the medium.


Through different strategies of interaction: customizing the found objects,

operating the digital devices with interactive coding, I put the viewer in the position of active discovery to subvert the people’s habitual perception of the image. 


I retranslate the motion in the physical space with the language of the image, at the same time match the visual information with physical gestures to create kinesthetic memory, to enrich the habitual understanding of daily experience by arousing multi-sensory echoes.


Zhihui Zhang (1993, CN) 

currently lives and works in Shanghai. 

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